Hybrid Cloud Shop Management System

Hybrid clouds are confusing to most people. It’s a term invented by vendors which basically means two or more cloud systems working together. The cloud could be a public cloud, like those offered by Amazon or Microsoft, or a private cloud. One example of a hybrid cloud is a public cloud combined with a private system, either a private cloud or on-premise data center.

It’s this type of cloud that is changing the game.

In the cloud or on-premise, each one has their own set of problems. Cloud-based application must have a connection to the cloud to even be able to access it. A bad storm or remote area that limits an internet connection severs all ties to the cloud rendering the application useless.

On-premise solves those issues by typically being in a location that doesn’t require external connections. Without those connections, support and maintenance falls on you. Now you have access to your system, but you must deal with security fixes, patches, and handling your own support.

With the hybrid cloud, you can take advantage of both. For retail, cloud-based point of sale applications allow for customer relation management and marketing automation, but that comes at the risk of spotty internet crippling a store and even having to reject sales as there’s no way to ring up a customer.

For the automotive repair business and tire dealerships, the Flux Shop Manager was design to take full advantage of the hybrid cloud to alleviate those issues. Using a smaller, single-board computer as a server locally at the dealership connected to a cloud, the redundant systems allow the benefits of locally hosted applications with the reliability and accessibility of cloud applications. When the internet goes out, sales can still be put through the system which will then replicate the data into the cloud when the internet connection is restored.

For maintenance, the single-board computer comes set up and ready to go. Updates are then pulled from the cloud. The data is always available and business never has to stop.