News from the Art World

When people hear the word news, they immediately think of crime. And for the most part, they would be right. Since most news are about what crime happened and what are currently happening to many things around them that matters.

But the news often has a lighter side to it. Like when a trapped dog or cat gets rescued or a celebrity or actor has finally made a good movie. Whatever it is, the news has become a form of entertainment for a lot of people and not merely a means of keeping themselves updated. News has always been around for hundreds of years, the only thing that has changed is how it is being broadcast.

It used to be just through newspapers then radio, television and finally, through the internet. The news has even become a career for a lot of people and is just will not be the same world if we did not have any news. Even North Korea has news, though probably not as transparent as we are used to, but still they have it.

Getting the news gives people a sense of security by knowing, or at least having a good idea, on what is happening around them. People are naturally curious so not having any information on things can be quite frustrating. There are some who listen and watch the news, not really about the main event, but for the human interest pieces like hobbies and sports. One of the most well-known hobbies out there is painting.

Painting is one of the oldest and most well-known forms of art. There have been a lot of painters and paintings that has garnered international notoriety even well after the artist has passed. There is just too many of these painters and paintings to mention but what is interesting is the newer generations of artists have found a way to use various famous works of art into something more new-age to provide entertainment to a newer type of audience.

A BBC News entertainment and arts piece featured a Russian artist named Svetlana Petrova who has been gaining grounds in the online arts society by featuring her cat, named Zarathustra, on a number of famous works of art in the past including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa,  James Abbott McNeill’s Whistler’s Mother, Grant Wood’s American Gothic.

For some, what Svetlana Petrova has done is nothing short of disrespectful to such great pieces of art while for some, it is merely smile inducing. She said she started her “cat-art” as a form of therapy after her mother’s passing. Art is in the eye of the beholder. For the older and more serious art’s people, this might not be funny but a lot of actually does not take it too seriously.

Personally, I think it is cute in a way and a great way for younger people to be exposed to art. Who knows, seeing this kind of art might peak the curiosity of the younger generation of more main stream art.