Phoenix, Arizona Police Department

For many of us, the news is our only means of keeping ourselves up to date on what is happening around us. There are a lot of things that are quite alarming like police departments, like those in Arizona, who has equipment that are more suited for military personnel instead of police officers.

There is a big difference on what the military and the police have to deal with and hence the difference in weapons. The military are supplied with higher powered weapons because they work in environments where they really need better firepower. The military do not always have the luxury of calling and waiting for backup before things get rough. That is why they have the kind of weaponry that will enable them to successfully defend themselves when they need to.

So to put that kind of firepower on the hands of police might not be totally necessary. There are a lot of instances where police officers have “accidentally” use too much firepower on a situation. As other would say, over-kill. One example of this is a Phoenix News Times article talking about the Arizona police department SWAT team fatally shooting an Iraq veteran because they were looking for drugs in the neighborhood.

They did find a small bag of marijuana in one of the houses but not in the veteran’s home. It’s just sad to know that an Iraq veteran who fought for the country was killed by the same kind of weapon that he used to defend the kind of freedom we enjoy. This is sad news indeed.

But there is still a bright side of news that shows more uplifting information like the Jump-rope-a-thon benefits Valley kids’ piece in the Phoenix News. Fitness is indeed an important matter especially today that well over a third of the people are overweight. Phoenix has a number of fitness gyms scattered all around the area so people can definitely get in shape.

One of the biggest things that people need to consider before joining any gym is the kind of equipment they have, does it have certified personal trainers and of course the distance of the gym from their houses. Make sure that you do not have to travel far to get to your gym because if you have to spend an hour or so driving to your gym, then it simply is not worth it since we all have other things to do in our daily lives.

News can be both a great way to keep yourself updated with the issues happening around you and to get important information for you to be able to plan things in the future like the weather if you are planning a trip. The news can be a lot of thing to a lot of people and it depends on them on how they will use it.

But what is certain is that the news is one of the most important things that modern living has to have if we are to function properly as a society.