World Cup Fever in Texas

The latest fever everyone seems to be in right now is the World Cup fever. People from Austin, Texas are just one of the few people who are experiencing its grip right now. Everyone is excited on what’s going to happen. May it be a high school student, firemen, sales ladies, etc. everyone wants to be in the loop. Even random guys and gals in the gyms in Austin, Texas could be watching the TV while working out. And that is how you should also be showing your support as a World Cup fan.

Although, people who were free and had absolutely nothing to do yesterday, July 1, were very lucky as they had the chance to go to the Long Center and join thousands of fans as they cheer on the US team. If you’re not familiar with the Long Center then you should know that it is a 501 cm3 not-for-profit dedicated to broadening the appreciation and enhancing the enjoyment of the cultural arts. Just the perfect venue for this type of event. The number of fans who were there was really amazing. You can see how supportive they were of their own country. So, even though they were not present physically in Brazil, they were definitely there in spirit. The fans watched the game as the US takes on Belgium at 3 p.m. in a win-or-go-home match. After all, that was the biggest moment right there. It’s an all or nothing situation and that is why you should not miss a thing. The best thing about the outdoor watch party was that it was absolutely free including the parking. Gates opened at 2 pm in preparation for the match that started at 3 pm. Coolers were allowed but not alcohol. Food and beverages were also available for purchase onsite. Everyone was asked to watch out for their dogs as well. So, anyone who were available at that time and had the drive to go just went there with all the support they can muster.

In the morning of Tuesday, jumbotrons were already pulled up on the grounds and hundreds have already RSVPed on Facebook and it even got bigger than that as soon as the match began. So, it’s pretty safe to say that the World Cup is not only a big deal for other Americans but also for people in Austin. After all, Texas is traditionally an American football country and so football has taken its hold. According to ESPN, Austin had some of the highest numbers for ratings in the country during the last match. Even the Members of the American Outlaws which is Team USA’s unofficial support group said that they have seen their numbers boom in Austin. What made this possible is the very interesting 1994 World Cup and Major League Soccer and of course the social media. Through the digital age, it is now possible to watch the match wherever you maybe.

Recently it has been announced that the Austin Aztex will be entering the USL Professional soccer ranks starting next season in 2015. Thus, Austin is poised to take the next step in becoming an even bigger soccer city.